Friday, July 27, 2012

How can anyone really know?

It always fascinates me to hear someone say that they are positive there is no such thing as the paranormal. I am a skeptic, yes, but a very open minded one. I know that I don't know. I know that in this amazing universe, or multi-verse, anything is possible. There was a point in time when the idea of germs was laughed at, to the peril of countless patients. Germs were suspected long before they were seen in the microscope, but way after their effects were felt.  Doctors knew patients were more likely to get sick if they were near someone else who was sick, but could not explain the mode of transmission.
Ludicrous explanations were offered......witchcraft and sorcery, to name a few.....but nothing sensible.
Once the germs were actually seen the explanation was crystal clear and science then set about learning how to protect patients from the tiny, nasty invaders.  With paranormal experiences,  I feel we are kind of at the stage of seeing the effects of something, i.e. balls of light, but not knowing what it really is, so we offer the best explanation we have right now.....ghosts or goblins or visual disturbances......but these semi-conclusions do not fit the bill entirely.  I believe someday science will cross streams with the paranormal and explanations  for much of the phenomena will pop up that will be crystal clear, and quite surprising to both schools of thought.  Isn't that idea even more exciting than just assuming everything paranormal is caused only by the usual suspects?