Friday, December 7, 2012

A Word About ORBS

      My husband Matthew and I have some very unpopular opinions on the subject of orbs.  From the research we've done we can only conclude that most folks think these fascinating spheres of light are nothing more than dust. I can agree, to a point.  When we catch these orbs on digital cameras, they certainly resemble what dust looks like.  We have purposely stomped on a rug just to get the dust moving and snapped away, revealing a plethora of fancy orbs dancing all over the place. However, there is a problem.   A few years ago, we both started seeing these orbs with our naked eyes.

     We started to notice our dog jumping up from the couch and chasing something unseen. Having already experienced the paranormal, we are, understandably, a bit sensitive to the possibility that there might be something in our presence that we could not see. So we started taking pictures every time our dog behaved this way and, almost without exception, there would be an orb or two right where he was pointing.  They were on the ceiling, on the walls, big ones, little ones, clusters, moving ones with 'jet streams' following them,  and rainbow ones standing still.  The more this happened, the more we really started to pay attention.  I believe we came to the following conclusion:

Just because something looks the same as dust in the camera does not necessarily mean that it cannot be other than dust.

Then we started seeing them with our own eyes, without the camera.  And, we were able to point to where we saw them and take a photo and there they were.  They look like twinkling stars sometimes, or like a small golf ball, occasionally with rays coming off of them.  They look very much like the benign orbs I saw at the house  in which we used to live ......the Grave's End house.  I find it fascinating that this phenomena has once again become commonplace in our home.   We sit by the TV in the living room, cameras by our side, and just relax. We go about our normal evening and sometimes nothing shows up, but.....sometimes......we see the same thing at the same time and get it on camera nine times out of ten.

We have quite the collection of photos at this point. I brought them to a recent lecture I gave and the audience was both interested and very skeptical.  Well, so am I.  But there they are.  I will try to post some of them to this site as soon as I can figure out how.