Monday, February 20, 2012

 My name is Elaine Mercado and I am the author of the book, Grave's End, A True Ghost Story, published by Llewellyn Worlwide in 2001.  In the years since my book was published, and after the initial booksignings, radio talk show and cable television appearances, there remains a surprisingly steady stream of interest regarding the paranormal activity addressed in the book. This blog is my attempt to answer some of the more common questions that seem to come up for some readers.  I also wish to say that I remain very grateful to all the readers of  Grave's End. What I thought was just this little book about my family's experiences with the paranormal, has turned out to be so much more.  I have a stack of 'thank you' notes from so many people who took the time to share their experiences with me, who thanked me for making them feel less crazy.  Some even wrote how reading Grave's End made it easier for them to believe in an afterlife.  I am quite grateful for this, and I hope this blog can serve as a vehicle to further explore the existence of ghosts, orbs, electronic voice phoenomena, etc.  I am looking forward to expressing my changing views on all things paranormal, as well as exploring the different views of many people out there who have also had encounters with the paranormal.

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  1. Hello and 1st I will say that I believe your story. Just saw ur episode on sy-fy and was thrilled. Not truly considerate for people to say "why don't they just get up and leave?". Most cannot just getup and leave unless under
    normal/heavy circumstances cause homes cost money whether mortgaged or leased and not easy to back out of most times.
    Anyhow,I will say this, what you was dealing with was demonic, not a person. Gen 4:10 - Abel's blood crieth from the soil. Demon's take advantage of these wrong doings and try to trick people into thinking its a special entity when the true purpose is to destroy. Of course,in this case, I think you realize it's intent - but not it's persona. Genesis and Jude desribes these entities. I'll respond again if this gets a response. Thank you.